SpaceX Starlink Maritime resellers offering 2 months free 5 TB service

SpaceX’s Starlink Maritime branch is currently running a promotion through its resellers, offering a complimentary 2-month subscription with 5 TB of data, valid until March 1, 2024.

Customers choosing the Starlink Maritime package will benefit from the high-performance flat terminal priced at $2,500 and the Mobile Priority plan, which normally costs $5,000 monthly for 5TB of data. This means, over two months, users will be saving an impressive sum of over $10,000.

The following commercial resellers are participating in this special 2-month free 5 TB offer:

– Aage Hempel Group

– Anuvu

– Castor Marine

– IEC Telecom

– Navarino

– Station Satcom

– The Clarus Networks Group

– Totoheo Maritime

In addition to the 5 TB plan, SpaceX’s Starlink Maritime offers a range of unlimited mobile priority plans, starting with a 50 GB package for $250 monthly. There’s also a 1 TB plan available for a monthly rate of $1,000.

SpaceX’s latest collaboration is with Peplink, its first Authorized Technology Provider, focusing on enhancing internet connectivity on cruise ships. This partnership has led to a breakthrough, as stated by Chad Gibbs, the Vice President of Starlink Business Operations, “With Peplink technology, we achieved over 1Gbps capacity with multiple Starlinks on the cruise ships, delivering seamless internet connectivity to passengers.”

Gibbs also expressed his enthusiasm for the ongoing collaborations with Authorized Technology Providers, emphasizing Starlink’s commitment to addressing complex connectivity challenges and broadening the availability of high-speed internet for businesses and mobile users worldwide.

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