Miami commits to putting 100 electric school buses on the road

Miami-Dade County is getting a big gift from the Environmental Protection Agency – almost $20 million! This money is for something super special: 50 brand-new electric school buses and 16 speedy chargers to keep them running. This means the county will have 100 electric buses in total, zooming kids to school in a clean, green way!

Miami-Dade isn’t the only lucky one. It’s part of a special group of four school districts that together are getting $33,175,000 from the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program. This program is like a big helping hand from President Biden’s “Investing in America” plan. It’s all about getting clean buses and building places where these buses can charge up their batteries.

These grants are like seeds for growing a future where cars and buses don’t make the air dirty. Instead, they use clean energy! The new electric buses are not just cool; they also help make the air cleaner for kids and their families. Plus, they support communities by creating jobs that pay well.

Mr. Michael S. Regan, the head of the EPA, is super excited about this. He says that these new electric buses show that when we make smart choices, everyone wins. Kids get to ride cool, clean buses, the air gets cleaner, and it even saves money in the long run!

But wait, there’s more! Besides Miami-Dade County, three other school districts are also getting money for electric buses:

1. Hillsborough County Public School District is getting $7,900,000 for about 20 clean buses.
2. Orange County Public Schools are getting $5,000,000 for about 20 clean buses.
3. School Board of Seminole County is getting $525,000 for about 15 clean buses.

And one more big winner: Highland CSB 1, LLC is getting a whopping $30,660,000 to buy 97 buses for kids in Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The Clean School Bus grants are like a series of awesome gifts that keep on giving. The EPA is planning to give more in the future, making it even easier for schools to have buses that are good for the planet. It’s all about making the ride to school fun, clean, and green!

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