South Korean giants Hyundai and Kia’s EV sales surpass 1.5 million units

Hyundai and Kia EV

Hyundai and Kia have been making significant strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market, demonstrating strong sales performance and ambitious growth plans. For the first time since 2001, Kia has surpassed Hyundai in market value, attributed to the rollout of new affordable EVs, positioning Kia as South Korea’s fifth most-valued stock at $31 billion. This … Read more

Tesla Cybertruck’s update improves handling, charging, and many more

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla has just rolled out its first significant software update for the Cybertruck, marking a milestone in the vehicle’s ongoing development. This update, version 2024.2.3, focuses on enhancing the Cybertruck’s handling, charging efficiency, and more, demonstrating Tesla’s commitment to refining the driving experience through software enhancements. One of the key highlights of this update is … Read more

Tesla reviewing employee necessity, hinting at potential layoffs: Report

tesla gigafactory

Tesla, is once again at the forefront of industry discussions, this time regarding its workforce dynamics. Recent reports indicate that the company is scrutinizing the criticality of each role within its organization, sparking speculation about potential job cuts. This development comes as Tesla aims to streamline operations and optimize financial performance amidst a slowdown in … Read more

Tesla recalling another 2.2 million vehicles for warning lights that are too small

Model S

Bing AI, working its digital magic, has brought forth news of Tesla’s recall of 2.2 million vehicles cruising the vast highways of the United States. The reason? A virtual spectacle where the warning lights on the display screen decided to shrink their font size, prompting federal safety regulators to raise their digital eyebrows. The revelation … Read more

New Tesla Model 3 aces 70mph range test

tesla model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range has been a focal point in recent discussions surrounding electric vehicle capabilities, particularly in terms of range. The automaker’s claim of a 341-mile range on a full charge raised eyebrows and prompted a real-world test by What’s Inside, injecting practicality into the conversation. Upon the Model 3 Long Range’s addition … Read more

Teslas left abandoned by US drivers as extreme cold drains batteries

tesla abandoned

Recent extremely cold weather conditions in the United States, particularly in Chicago, have highlighted challenges for Tesla vehicles and their charging capabilities. The Arctic chill that enveloped much of the country caused Tesla cars to struggle with charging at the usual speed and maintaining their charge, leading to unusual scenarios at charging stations. In Chicago, … Read more

Tesla is launching new Adaptive Headlights for the ‘Highland’ Model 3

model 3 red

Tesla has recently introduced innovative Adaptive Headlights in the European market, specifically for the new “Highland” Model 3 version. This advanced feature is part of the software update version 2024.2, exclusive to this particular model in Europe as of now. These Adaptive Headlights are designed to enhance road safety by reducing glare for other drivers … Read more

Tesla Semi Is World’s Only Electric Freight Truck Capable of Driving More than 1,000 Miles a Day

tesla semi truck

PepsiCo’s innovative approach to sustainability is exemplified by their integration of Tesla’s Semi trucks into their fleet, showcasing a blend of technological advancement and environmental responsibility. Their Sacramento distribution center is a hub for these electric trucks, which are primarily utilized for shorter delivery routes within a 100-mile radius, demonstrating their operational versatility. The Tesla … Read more