New Tesla Model 3 aces 70mph range test

Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range has been a focal point in recent discussions surrounding electric vehicle capabilities, particularly in terms of range. The automaker’s claim of a 341-mile range on a full charge raised eyebrows and prompted a real-world test by What’s Inside, injecting practicality into the conversation.

Upon the Model 3 Long Range’s addition to the Tesla website, boasting an impressive 548 km or 341 miles of range, enthusiasts eagerly awaited real-world validation. What ensued was a comprehensive 70mph range test conducted by Dan from What’s Inside, who secured the vehicle for a two-week trial.

The test began with a 100% battery charge, with the computer estimating a range of 534 km or 332 miles, in temperatures ranging from 55°F-60°F (12°C-15°C). The objective was clear – maintain a consistent speed of 70mph throughout the drive to assess the actual range of the Model 3 under normal driving conditions.

Upon completion of the test, having depleted the battery to 0%, the Model 3 demonstrated remarkable efficiency, consuming 74kWh and covering an impressive 327 miles. This result, just 14 miles shy of the advertised range, highlighted the accuracy of Tesla’s estimations. It’s worth noting that Tesla is known for incorporating a buffer below 0%, meaning the Model 3 likely came close to, if not exceeded, the specified 341-mile range.

Furthermore, the test hinted at the potential for even better performance in ideal conditions. Electric vehicles typically operate more efficiently in slightly warmer temperatures, suggesting that the Model 3’s range could potentially exceed expectations under optimal circumstances.

The real-world range test not only adds practical insight into the Model 3’s capabilities but also underscores Tesla’s commitment to delivering on their advertised promises. As the electric vehicle landscape evolves, Tesla continues to push the boundaries of innovation, and the Model 3 stands as a testament to their dedication to providing efficient and reliable electric transportation.

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