Tesla is launching new Adaptive Headlights for the ‘Highland’ Model 3

Tesla has recently introduced innovative Adaptive Headlights in the European market, specifically for the new “Highland” Model 3 version. This advanced feature is part of the software update version 2024.2, exclusive to this particular model in Europe as of now.

These Adaptive Headlights are designed to enhance road safety by reducing glare for other drivers and cyclists. They achieve this by detecting other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights. This technology allows the high beam to stay on for a longer duration, thereby improving visibility at night without causing discomfort to others.

Activating the Adaptive High Beam is straightforward and can be done through the vehicle’s settings under the Lighting menu. This user-centric approach aligns with Tesla’s commitment to providing customizable driving experiences.

Besides the Adaptive Headlights, the 2024.2 software update also includes worldwide security fixes and general improvements, reflecting Tesla’s ongoing dedication to vehicle safety and performance.

This new feature has received regulatory approval from European authorities. While it’s currently limited to the Highland Model 3 in Europe, this could hint at potential future expansions to other Tesla models and regions, contingent on regulatory approvals and Tesla’s strategic decisions.

To turn it on, go to Lighting > Adaptive High Beam in your vehicle settings.”

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