LG Chem signs $19 billion battery deal with General Motors

LG Chem, a big company in South Korea, has made a huge deal with General Motors (GM), an American car maker. They’ve agreed on a $19 billion plan that will last for about ten years. LG Chem will give GM special materials needed to make batteries for electric cars. This big amount of materials is enough to make around 5 million electric cars!

These battery parts are very important for making cars that can travel over 300 miles without needing to recharge. The deal also means that LG Chem will start making these parts in Tennessee from 2026. This is good news because it helps make more electric cars in North America and makes sure there are enough materials for these cars.

Both companies are excited about this deal. GM says it’s a big step towards making more electric cars and making sure they have all the parts they need. LG Chem is happy too because it gets to work closely with GM and help lead the way in making electric cars more common in North America.

This isn’t the first time these two companies have worked together. They had another deal before this, and this new agreement just adds to their partnership. It shows that GM is really serious about making electric cars a big part of their business in the future.

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